Saturday, October 07, 2006

Your perception is reality

Wystel tells about a percieved near-mugging at 53rd and Cornell. How we feel about where we live has a lot to do with our comfort level.

Your perception is reality.
I just returned from an incredibly inspiring exhibit/talk at the Renaissance Society called "whenever on on nohow on/Airdrawing" by Peter Welz with dancing by William Forsythe, which I wanted to post about, but that's just going to hold on for a second while I throw a tantrum.

Damn it, why can't I walk home by myself at 8pm? Why do people feel that it is their right to take you, mind, body, and wallet (identity, real and computerized), just because you are passing by?
No, I wasn't mugged, but this time it was too close for comfort. So many close calls -- it is just a matter of time: like cancer, the longer you live, the greater the probability it will find you.
I was walking -- and I walk faster than some people jog -- and I saw a guy in a wheelchair. (My first thought: hey, you don't look like you need a wheelchair. One expects some muscle atrophy or visual evidence of amputation. But maybe it was a recent injury -- you never know -- and I initially felt bad about having this thought at all) Another guy, presumably a friend, was with him -- they were chatting. And they started moving when they saw me -- the standing one began pushing the wheelchair guy. As I said, I walk fast. So I was moving to pass them (giving them a lot of space out of concern for the wheelchair) -- when suddenly I notice that they are moving at the same speed as I am. And just as I notice this, the guy pushing the wheelchair makes a sharp turn and tries to push the wheelchair guy into me. I didn't wait -- I was on edge anyway -- I ran. And blessed that the CTA has kept me in such fine sprinting form.
Okay, so *maybe* the pushing guy's hand just slipped. *Maybe* he was taking his friend out for a little walk, and they were insulted by a girl running away (I actually thought about how rude I must appear as I was running) -- but I really, really don't think so. Be careful out there, everyone.

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