Tuesday, December 05, 2006

58th and Dorchester attempted armed robbery and sexual assault

*At 2:10 a.m., Tuesday, December 5, near 58th Street and South
Dorchester Avenue, a woman walking alone was confronted by an armed man
who got out of a maroon four door 1990 Chevy Lumina, and attempted to
rob and force her into the car. She resisted, and during the struggle
he also attempted to sexually assault her. The man fled in the car when
witnesses appeared after hearing the woman's outcry.

Martial arts teacher helps Hyde Parkers defend themselves at night

At Fitzgerald's Martial Arts, you can learn to protect yourself in case of attack:
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"Fitzgerald said he has used Tang Soo Do on three occasions outside of his training and “all three were very successful, in fact the person never got a chance to hurt me.” Passing on these skills to others is a big reason why he teaches, particularly in Hyde Park, where he sees crime and safety as a growing problem.

“Hyde Park has two faces, a daytime face and a night time face and the night time face is much more dangerous,” he said. “The daytime face is professionals, families, students and professors but at night there are gang bangers, drug dealers and people who will hurt you for money.”

This emphasis on self-defense separates Fitzgerald and his school from other Chicago martial arts practitioners in Fitzgerald’s mind.

“I train for self-defense. Others might train for physical fitness, weight loss, whatever, but I train for self defense and I want my students to come back to me and say it worked.” Fitzgerald said. “Criminals hate victims who fight back.”"
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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blog: U of C Police: Shepherds I Shall Not Want

M.H. posts at Regenstein is for Lovers:

A recent stabbing in the heart of that part of Hyde Park affectionately referred to as "The Student Ghetto" has elicited the following statement from the University's Vice President of Community and Government Affairs:

In response, we have assigned additional officers to the area in marked and unmarked cars. These officers will join the additional four extra patrol cars serving the areas of the neighborhood close to the University that were dispatched in June...

This is a very serious incident that highlights the need to continue enhancing our efforts to increase safety for all those who study, work, visit, and live in the area. Recent efforts to reduce crime in the area have proven effective and data show a significant decrease in crime, but we realize we must do more to improve the security of our neighborhood.

We are also working with the University of Chicago Police, the Dean of Students Office, and all of the University's leadership to ensure appropriate resources are provided to support individuals who experience acts of crime or violence.

I have no complaints against efforts to catch more criminals. It hardly needs stating that crime is lowered when criminals are caught, and caged, and sterilized. But other trends in the University of Chicago Police Department's policies regarding the community disturb me, especially in my more contemplative moods. Take, for instance, this sign posted outside our venerable place of employment, near where I have my morning, mid-morning, beginning of lunch, end of lunch, mid-afternoon, and, on rare occasions, my early evening coffees and cigarettes:

U of C Police will cut your lock and take your bike.

Yes, that's correct: the U of C police--though without a doubt the priority for medical emergencies (after the Student Care Center), public disturbance calls, and rides to class when one has sprained his left ankle almost beyond repair--can be counted on to steal your bike (if locked to the rails near the aforementioned cigarette niche).


Friday, December 01, 2006

Former Doctor's Hospital Scammer does it again in FL

Larkin Community Hospital in South Miami and six persons connected with it agreed to pay $15.4 million to settle state and federal claims that the facility defrauded government programs, federal prosecutors announced Thursday.
Paying the settlement are the hospital; Jack Michel; former hospital owner James Desnick;
In 2000, Desnick was one of several persons who paid $14 million in response to allegations of a similar kickback scheme from 1992 to 2000 at another hospital he owned, Doctors Hospital of Hyde Park in Chicago.