Sunday, October 15, 2006


From the Lawrence Journal-World:

Many years ago, when I lived in a University of Chicago neighborhood (Hyde Park), a rash of personal street crimes broke out similar to what we are experiencing near the Kansas University campus. The neighborhood association started a program called “Whistle Stop,” which had been used successfully in other cities. We purchased hundreds of steel whistles that were sold for cost through neighborhood merchants. The program was approved by the police department.

We wore the whistles on lanyards or carried them in hand at night on the street. When experiencing or witnessing a crime, the whistle was repeatedly blown. Those hearing the whistle would also blow their own, including those in homes who would call the police and open their windows and blow away. There were a few just-for-fun whistle blows, but everyone understood the seriousness of the program and the false alarms quickly ceased.

There were many reports of aborted robbery attempts, and the street-crime rate rapidly decreased... continued
WhistleSTOP is once again being revitalized and expanded in Hyde Park. I have never heard or seen a whistle while living here. What are people's experiences with the whistles? If I blew a whistle (or yelled for help), what are the chances help would arrive?

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