Monday, November 13, 2006

UC Student attacks UCPD, SG efforts against crime

By Barney Keller, Chicago Maroon

Recently, in response to concerns of campus crime, one of the grand ideas to come out of the SG security committee was to make, to use Chairman Kyle Lee’s words, a “Student Emergency Contact Card,” which would have all sorts of emergency contact information. I wonder, aside from how much it would cost to make a snazzy card, if it would be, perhaps, wallet size? I wonder if a would-be thief would, in the process of mugging a student, let them keep their emergency contact card?

I fail to see how this would be more effective than distributing the so-called “rape whistle.” At least the whistle makes noise. Clearly, so long as a bureaucracy is actually doing something and producing work, it is doing its job.


 I think that anyone who thinks that a “Student Emergency Contact Card” would be a good response to campus crime is the one with his head inside of his behind.

And while we’re at it, how about we hear the council, for once, strongly criticize the grossly inadequate job the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD) does on our campus. If 50 kids from Shoreland and Broadview can harshly chastise the University for its transportation problems, then maybe the Council could go over to UCPD HQ and demand, not request, increased patrols, increased response time, and increased “drunk van” service. Of course, if any of them are reading this, they’ll first have to form a committee on protests, or a committee on Chicago Maroon columnists.


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