Friday, November 10, 2006

Identification at the polls

Upon walking into the polling place, one judge was ordering everyone to
have their ID out and ready . I knew that one only needs to show ID
once, upon registering. Therefore, I told the judge that I didn't
understand the ID requirement. She told me to look at the wall behind
me, where several posters with rule and regulations hung. I got out of
line and spent several minutes reading the posters, but there was no
mention of ID. I got back into line, and once it was my turn, told this
to the judge. She then handed me over to another judge who took me
outside to show me the sign posted there about ID. However, the first
line of this sign clearly stated that ID may only be necessary if ID had
not been shown to the board upon registration. When I pointed this out
to the first judge, she consulted with another judge, who seemed to know
much more and told her that if my voter record sheet is white, instead
of grey or pink, I don't need ID. So, I got to vote without ID, just as
I wished. Ironically, the judge made no effort to compare my signature
with that in the book, which is all they really need to confirm my
identity. After that, voting took about 20 minutes, since I went very
carefully through the long list of judges to vote yes or no according to
the suggestions I had printed out. Voting seemed smooth, but I'd be
interested to hear if there were any irregularities noticed by any readers.

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