Monday, September 11, 2006

To the asshole who mugged me last night: a Hyde Park heroine

A tale of an audacous mugging and some bravery in the face of it from a stalwart Hyde Parker. My heroine!

Somy says:
To the asshole who mugged me last night:
...I bet your idiot self didn't think I'd fight back. I'm glad you've got a felony on your back for the sake of hitting a girl and getting an empty purse out of it.
Background story: We all live downstream: A note on my sister being mugged
Somy was mugged on Saturday evening (she's ok). She was walking home around 11pm on 55th Street in Hyde Park (the busy street where she lives in old apartment) with her roommate and her roommate's ~50 year old mother who doesn't speak English. There were other people around, and they were two blocks from a police station. These two men came up to the three of them and cut them off on the sidewalk. One bent down to tie his shoelace in front of them, so they walked around. He got up and tried to flirt with Somy, who refused him (go girl), and then somehow, she ended up being slammed on the ground (so hard, that her snake bracelet that she acquired on the night David proposed and then teased my grandmother and scandalized the local parish priest with, got flattened...) and he snatched her purse! Somy and her roommate assume this was unplanned, as the other friend just kind of stood there, even as his friend ran off (then he ran off when Somy's roommate and her mother started screaming, etc). Somy fought back (go girl) and wouldn't let go of her purse, so she ended up being dragged along the sidewalk/grass (and her dress rode up, hehe, wedgie...sorry, I can laugh about this because she's ok and because of what happened next), AND HER WALLET (WITH MY LISENCE) FELL OUT (which she didn't realize at the time. She let go after a few seconds because she didn't know where she was being dragged, and her roommate ran and picked up all that fell out). And then, they all immediately walked to the police station and filed a police report.

So, this guy ended up with...basically nothing. He now is faced with robbery and assault charges (since Somy was bleeding and badly scraped from being dragged. Again, go girl). And, he has a cheap purse, makeup, and a crappy cellphone (she was getting a new one soon) that Somy promptly canceled. Mwuahahaha. Take that asshole. Talk about NOT WORTH IT. You didn't even get the wallet, fucker. (Although, feel free to return the I-pod and MY camera memory card that David gave me last year --the one I retrieved from the river while punting and has our India pictures on it!)

Somy: 1
Stupid guy: 0

I know I sound a bit angry, because I am! I am tired of HAVING BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO THE PEOPLE I AM CLOSEST TO. I am tired of reading about men assaulting women (and other men) in papers or hearing about men taking advantage of women from friends and family. I am tired of being suspicious of every man that looks at me. I am tired of being the "weaker" sex.

Sorry, I don't mean to lash out at men right now...I know I love my father and fiance very much. But, let's see, David was mugged six months ago, and now Somy. Neither of them were drunk, "asking for it," running around alone at 3am in the morning, or in terrible neighborhoods, either.

And, I can't help but wonder, when's my turn?

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