Sunday, September 03, 2006

Polar responses to Hyde Park

I get interesting responses when I say I'm from Hyde Park. Often times, the response is "wow, that's a beautiful neighborhood". Half the time, I hear "that's an island." The responses from people who live in Hyde Park seem to be just as polar. Some love it, consider it beautiful with lots of charm and diversity. Others are not so fond. For example, a recent entry from e-beth knits:
I'm from Iowa. I'm used to having nothing to do (though, it was easier and cheaper to go to the movies at least). But having nothing to do is not the only problem. The buses are loud and they go right outside our windows. Our window sills are covered in more grime that I ever saw on any window in Iowa even if the sill had not been cleaned in 10 years. And this is only a few months worth. I can't keep up with it. It seems fruitless anyway. And the crime. My roommate and his boyfriend were mugged at gunpoint a few weeks ago. I would say half the people I know have been a victim of a crime. Being held up at gunpoint is not uncommon. And just last week at 6am, two women were accosted and "fondled" by a man not two blocks from my workplace.

In short, Hyde Park has all of the disadvantages of living in the city and none of the advantages. I cannot wait to get out of this hellhole.
Walking down 53rd street between Cornell and Lake Park last night, I didn't feel so safe, as the entire North side of the street is deserted buildings, the street is dark, and the curb is enourmous. Sitting parked in the abandonded driveway to the garage was a vehicle with its life off and men talking inside. We walked home quickly.

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