Monday, September 18, 2006

Look for a 1996 gold Cadillac licence #6616856

Police believe that it is likely that the following two incidents were
committed by the same three offenders:

*At 8:10 p.m., Friday, Sept. 15, on East 57th Street in front of
Regenstein Library, a man was confronted by three men who knocked him to
the ground, demanded his cell phone, took same, and fled. The victim
did not require medical attention.

At **8:17 p.m.**, Friday, Sept. 15, in the quadrangle just east of
Regenstein Library, a woman was walking when she observed two men run
past her. Seconds later a third man ran up from behind her, pushed her
down, repeatedly punched and kicked her, grabbed her purse, and fled
with it. He and the first two men entered a 1996 gold Cadillac
(**Illinois** licence # 6616856) driven by a fourth man, and the group
fled. The victim was treated and released from a hospital. Police are

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Anonymous said...

I miss my Hyde Park crime updates. Where have you been?