Tuesday, November 27, 2007

University adds vans, substation, appeals to Mayor Daley

University president Zimmer sent an email about its security response to Amadou's murder:
-The police substation at 61st and Drexel is now open.
-Two vans have been added to the SafeRide program. The hours for the SafeRide program have been expanded to begin at 10 p.m. Phone lines have been added to ensure that callers will be able to reach a dispatcher with their pickup request.
Comment: The university needs to communicate more clearly what the SafeRide is, and how to use it. They should also add a web or text-message interface to request SafeRide.
-A Working Group on Safety and Security will be co-chaired by Kim Goff-Crews, Vice President and Dean of Students in the University, and Rick Rosengarten, Dean of the Divinity School and current Chair of the Committee on Crime Prevention and Security on Campus and in the Neighborhood. The group will review policing, transportation, lighting, and dissemination of information; solicit ideas for improving campus safety; and make recommendations about additional improvements we should undertake.
-The University has hired an external security firm to conduct a thorough review of security measures.
-UCPD Chief Rudy Nimocks has been working closely with Chicago Police Superintendent Dana Starks, and the Chicago Police Department also has increased its patrols in the neighborhoods near campus.
-President Zimmerman will be meeting with Mayor Richard M. Daley to ask for his support in finding ways to further reduce crime in our community.

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