Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Martial arts teacher helps Hyde Parkers defend themselves at night

At Fitzgerald's Martial Arts, you can learn to protect yourself in case of attack:
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"Fitzgerald said he has used Tang Soo Do on three occasions outside of his training and “all three were very successful, in fact the person never got a chance to hurt me.” Passing on these skills to others is a big reason why he teaches, particularly in Hyde Park, where he sees crime and safety as a growing problem.

“Hyde Park has two faces, a daytime face and a night time face and the night time face is much more dangerous,” he said. “The daytime face is professionals, families, students and professors but at night there are gang bangers, drug dealers and people who will hurt you for money.”

This emphasis on self-defense separates Fitzgerald and his school from other Chicago martial arts practitioners in Fitzgerald’s mind.

“I train for self-defense. Others might train for physical fitness, weight loss, whatever, but I train for self defense and I want my students to come back to me and say it worked.” Fitzgerald said. “Criminals hate victims who fight back.”"
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martial art school said...

It's best to learn self defense so you know how to fight back when you feel that your safety is at risk.