Sunday, December 03, 2006

Blog: U of C Police: Shepherds I Shall Not Want

M.H. posts at Regenstein is for Lovers:

A recent stabbing in the heart of that part of Hyde Park affectionately referred to as "The Student Ghetto" has elicited the following statement from the University's Vice President of Community and Government Affairs:

In response, we have assigned additional officers to the area in marked and unmarked cars. These officers will join the additional four extra patrol cars serving the areas of the neighborhood close to the University that were dispatched in June...

This is a very serious incident that highlights the need to continue enhancing our efforts to increase safety for all those who study, work, visit, and live in the area. Recent efforts to reduce crime in the area have proven effective and data show a significant decrease in crime, but we realize we must do more to improve the security of our neighborhood.

We are also working with the University of Chicago Police, the Dean of Students Office, and all of the University's leadership to ensure appropriate resources are provided to support individuals who experience acts of crime or violence.

I have no complaints against efforts to catch more criminals. It hardly needs stating that crime is lowered when criminals are caught, and caged, and sterilized. But other trends in the University of Chicago Police Department's policies regarding the community disturb me, especially in my more contemplative moods. Take, for instance, this sign posted outside our venerable place of employment, near where I have my morning, mid-morning, beginning of lunch, end of lunch, mid-afternoon, and, on rare occasions, my early evening coffees and cigarettes:

U of C Police will cut your lock and take your bike.

Yes, that's correct: the U of C police--though without a doubt the priority for medical emergencies (after the Student Care Center), public disturbance calls, and rides to class when one has sprained his left ankle almost beyond repair--can be counted on to steal your bike (if locked to the rails near the aforementioned cigarette niche).


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Anonymous said...

You are kidding right?

You are taking the event of a Hyde Park crime to make a statement about police heavy handedness?

This seems at best misguided.