Wednesday, August 30, 2006

August 19-August 21st Crimes

August 19-August 21st Crimes (from
Crimes within 8 blocks of 1500 block E. 55th St.
(I will start posting these reports regularly, as the data becomes available).
Aug. 21
Classification: property11 p.m. Burglary 5400 block S. Blackstone Ave. Residence
Classification: person9:30 p.m.Robbery4900 block S. Dorchester Ave. Park property
Classification: property9 p.m. Other vehicle offenses 5000 block S. Woodlawn Ave. Street
Classification: property8 p.m. Theft 5300 block S. Cornell Ave. Street
Classification: unknown5:30 p.m. Non-criminal 1300 block E. 53rd St. Grocery food store
Classification: person4:10 p.m. Robbery 1300 block E. 57th St. Sidewalk
Classification: person3:30 p.m. Robbery 1200 block E. 50th St. Street
Classification: property6 a.m. Criminal damage 5700 block S. Stony Island Ave. Apartment
Classification: property5:20 a.m. Motor vehicle theft 5100 block S. Blackstone Ave. Street
Classification: person12:30 a.m. Robbery 1400 block E. 56th St. Sidewalk
Aug. 20
Classification: property9 p.m. Theft 5400 block S. Harper Ave. Residence: Porch/hallway
Classification: property6 p.m. Burglary 5700 block S. Stony Island Ave. Apartment
Classification: property1:30 p.m. Theft 5500 block S. Kenwood Ave. Other
Classification: property1 p.m. Motor vehicle theft 5000 block S. Cornell Ave. Street
Classification: unknownnoon Non-criminal 1400 block E. 57th St. Restaurant
Classification: property11 a.m. Motor vehicle theft 1300 block E. Hyde Park Blvd. Street
Classification: person5:37 a.m. Battery 5000 block S. Chicago Beach Dr. Other
Classification: person2 a.m. Battery 5700 block S. Stony Island Ave. Sidewalk
Aug. 19 (incomplete)
Classification: persondom11:47 p.m. Battery 6100 block S. Kenwood Ave. Street
Classification: property10 p.m. Motor vehicle theft 1700 block E. 56th St. Street

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