Monday, August 04, 2008

Stabbing and murder

At 10:05 p.m., Sunday, August 3, on 53rd between Blackstone & Harper,
a man was stabbed twice on the street by one of four men who drove up
in a white conversion van. The victim was in stable condition in

At 5:06 a.m., Monday, August 4, on 47th at Greenwood, a man was shot
multiple times by unknown persons. He subsequently died.


Slinky said...

Why wasn't the murder in the news? Coincidentally, it occurred four blocks north of Senator Obama's home in Kenwood. The stabbing occurred one block southwest of their favorite local restaurant in Hyde Park. Hyde Park-Kenwood needs help. Please bring in reinforcement, and add more cameras. I see cameras all the time in the north side, but don't see any in Hyde Park. Hyde Park, Kenwood, Woodlawn, and Washington Park need them. The high tech cameras have automatic gunshot detection and zoom in on the trouble spot right away, without human input. Senator Obama should try to do something to reduce violent crime in his beloved Hyde Park-Kenwood. Hyde Parkers should not be complacent with violent crime in their community, even though the community has had a history of violence over the past 50 years. Enough is enough. Just because Hyde Park is safer than its surrounding neighborhoods does not mean it is safe enough.

breet said...

when is the meeting wit alderman preckwinkle to demand more cameras?