Wednesday, December 05, 2007

arrests in connection with Amadou Cisse murder

Last week, the Chicago Police Department announced an arrest related to
the Nov. 19 attempted robbery and fatal shooting of Amadou Cisse. Eric
Walker, 16, was charged as an adult with first-degree murder and one
count of attempted armed robbery with a firearm in connection with
Cisse's death in an incident that occurred at 1:26 a.m. at 6120 S. Ellis
Avenue. He was also charged with two counts of armed robbery with a
firearm in connection with the robbery of two women at 924 E. 57th St.
at 1:15 a.m. that morning by an individual who said he had a weapon. A
third incident, for which he was also charged with one count of armed
robbery with a firearm, occurred in connection with the robbery of a man
in the 5300 block of S. Greenwood Avenue at about 1 a.m. that day.

This morning, a second person was charged in connection with related
incidents on Nov. 19. Demetrius Warren, 17, was charged with two counts
of armed robbery for the robbery of the two women on 57th St., and one
count of armed robbery in connection with the robbery of the man on S.
Greenwood Avenue. Additionally, Warren was charged with aggravated
discharge of a weapon in connection with a fourth incident that morning
at 12:33 a.m. at 6045 Woodlawn Avenue, in which a man was chased by an
individual who fired a shot in his direction.

The Chicago Police Department was able to find a car fitting the
description given by two robbery victims and which had been recorded on
Medical Center cameras. University Police and Medical Center staff were
able to locate this vehicle on Medical Center cameras that are deployed
in the area of the robbery of the two students.

Rudy Nimocks, UC Police Chief, put it well when he said: "We are also
saddened for the other young persons involved in this case. We see too
much violence against young people, in many cases committed by other
young people. We must all think about ways to confront the causes of
crime in addition to being diligent in our efforts to arrest the
offenders and make our community as safe as possible."


Akinyi said...

Having know Amadou for years, I hope that these teenagers get the death penalty. It is amazing how black people continue to destroy their own. Amadou would have given something back to the world and possibly these teenagers. I hope that they remember what they did for the rest of their lives. -Akinyi

Anonymous said...

i have known these guys for awhile and they are very nice. but they are troubled. they feel attention by people that have abandon them mostly their whole live and have been told that no one cares for them. but it is terrible that their negativity has never been turned around. it is sad and all you or i can do is pray that things get better!

Anonymous said...

This was a promising student that didnt get the chance to live out his full potintial in life. He did not die of illness he didnt die of
an accident . The fundemental difference is that he was a victim
of homicide.There is no way to replay these actions like a phase of a matrix game this young man is forever gone. Only to be remembered in the hearts of his loved ones forever.And even then it will hurt them deeply.However the parents of the offenders have broken hearts as well. Someone said (just pray ) well pray we must that our youth stop the shedding of blood and understatnd
the impact of loss of life.Even when it is not our own child -is it not our child? Are we to only care when the stench of death is near our door? In all of this we
have lost much .