Monday, October 08, 2007

Safest public transportation Hyde Park to downtown

Jennifer asked the safest way to travel to and from downtown from Hyde Park. The answers vary.. most settle on the #6, but others suggest the #55 to the red line or green line. Only one mention of the metra electric. Some highlights:
  • The 6 is probably the safest, because you get on it and it takes you straight here.
  • 28X, 2, and 173 are equally good but they don't come as often.
  • If you're traveling alone at night, avoid the 47th, 51st, Garfield, and 63rd stops on the Green Line and definitely avoid the Red Line's 51st stop
  • The Metra is great if you have a schedule, and probably the safest (besides a taxi)
  • Consider the 4. It runs along Cottage Grove to 35th street, then goes onto Indiana, and then north to Michigan. taking the 4, you'll avoid having to walk through all of Hyde Park in the dead of night.

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